How do I use Essential Oils?

The most popular way to use essential oils is aromatically. Diffusing puts off the oils into the air and is beneficial to your health and mood.  It can also purify the air, kill bacteria and can boost your immune system.  Using essential oils aromatically provides the compounds a direct pathway to the limbic system and can help boost your moods more effectively.

Another way to use essential oils is topically.  Apply the oils on the bottoms of your feet, pulse points, over your heart or where ever the discomfort may be.  One drop of essential oil an access your blood stream within thirty seconds and your entire body within twenty minutes. Use a carrier oil (fractioned coconut oil) to seal in the oil to give you the most benefit.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT drop oils in your eyes, ears or up your nose!!

*ask me about photosensitive oils and uv rays*

The third way to use essential oils is internally.  You can use one drop of oil under your tongue or in a capsule.  A popular way is in your drinks.  Use a glass, ceramic or stainless steal; you never want to use plastic drink cups with essential oils.  Ask me why.  Please make sure you look at your bottle of oil, if there is a supplemental facts label then that oil is safe for consumption.  If you are not sure, please ask me!

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