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Caryn recommended the “healthy start” kit and I haven’t looked back. She has been available to answer my many questions as a newbie. She sends product in a timely fashion and I truly enjoy having her as the captain of my essential oil journey. I know I can trust her knowledge of the product and so far her advice has been right on.

Kim B – Lake Tahoe, CA

Caryn introduced me to the wonderful world of essential oils!  I had heard the term before, but wasn’t really interested. After speaking with her, I thought it was worth a try. I started using Serenity and Peppermint to help keep my stress levels down, and relax after a long day. They were amazing! I now use different types of oils everyday and have started recommending them to others!  Caryn is VERY knowledgeable and is always available for questions from me and my customers.  I’m very grateful to have her as my Wellness Advocate!

Monica T – Greensboro, NC

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